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    Delivery for Gauteng - Effective March 1 2020

    2 de fevereiro de 2020

    Delivery for Gauteng - Effective March 1 2020

    1% of the order amount will be charged as the delivery fee
    example: Order amount R1000, you will be charged R10 for the delivery (1000*0.01= R10)

    We know the courier cost is very high at moment, we aim to reduce the cost of delivery for customers, therefore we tried very hard to find a solution, today we are very excited to announce that ACE ONLINE SA logistic is ready to take care of your order deliveries.

    We are glad to announce that as from March 1 2020, Our own courier team (ACE ONLINE SA logistic) will be handling the delivery service for customers in Gauteng province.

    We made a special rate for our customers in Gauteng province, we will only charge 1% of your order amount as the delivery fee, no matter how big your volume weight is.

    Any orders placed and paid before 3pm every day will be delivered in the next day. (orders processed on Fridays and public holidays, will be delivered on the next working day)

    Note: For those electronic transfers from different banks, we deliver the next day after the payment reflected in our account.


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